Dave Varcoe

David Varcoe

Dave went out with EI as a young 20 year old to Northern Uganda in 1984/5.
He met his wife Ineke (on same team from Canada) and they married in 1986. They have two sons: Michael and Josiah. He is serving God as a Minister of a Church in Harrow, North West London.

He has been an EI Board member since 2001, and Vice-Chair from 2004-2008. Dave has led two summer teams to Tanzania and two to Malawi. He became Chairman of the EIUK Board in 2013.

Martin Carr

Martin Carr

Martin worked through EI with the Diocese of Northern Uganda at their theological college and development department in Gulu, Uganda between 1996-2000.

He is now involved in energy auditing and is an enthusiastic environmentalist. He lives with his family in Oxford.

Martin has been a Board member since 2003, and would like to see EI develop an environmental theme in the partnerships it creates.

Mairi Dorward

Mairi Dorward

Mairi was elected to the Board at the 2009 AGM.

She went to Tanzania with EI between 2002-2004 and has since worked in environmental management in a business context. Mairi is committed to development which sustainably enriches the lives of those it impacts, both spiritually and materially.

She enjoys cycling, running and all things outdoors. Mairi has led a short term to Tanzania.

Lucy Harding

Lucy attends Christ Church Purley where John Carroll (the founder of EIUK) was vicar and has been on the board since 1994.

She is a retired health visitor (30 years experience) and has a wide knowledge of Community, Child Health and Safeguarding Issues. Lucy has been involved with EI since 1990 when she and husband Simon became prayer and finance coordinators for Dave and Debbie Bainbridge who were then in Stouffville. They also got to know the EI family when visiting Dave and Debbie.

Lucy is passionate about overseas mission and her commitment over decades is testimony of this. She also serves on the mission group of her church. She has visited projects in India and EI projects in Uganda to encourage missionaries.

Bernard Lane

Bernard Lane

Bernard was elected to the Board at the 2012 AGM.

He went to EI Training School in 1982 and spent one of the most formative years of his life in Brasil in 1983 on a team in Passabem, lead by Fred Silva.

EI was ‘putting feet on the Gospel’ taking the good news to the poor and helping communities to improve their situation. He later returned to Brasil in 1991 for a further 7.5 years working with SAMS, working in churches in the South.

Since then, he has returned to Brasil with EI to help with short term summer teams. He is pleased to be involved in EI’s ministry on the Board and look forward to working with colleagues to help the Church help the poor.

Clive Tydeman

Clive Tydeman

Clive was elected to the Board at the 2009 AGM.

He first worked with EI in 1997 with a two year stint in Malawi working on a relief and development programme.  More recently, Clive was Country Director for the Fellowship for African Relief in Sudan, a partner of EI.

He has thoroughly enjoyed these experiences with EI and in joining the Board would like to give others the same experiences and opportunities.