As promised, Dave Rollett and his mates (Oz Power, Jono Cantwell, Jamie Kaye, Ben Rollett and James Radford) carried the four heavy and uncomfortable tyres around 9 miles (they added an extra peak for fun!) of rugged Peak District terrain!

They took on this challenge in order to raise funds for a vehicle that will be able to manage the varied terrain found in the Iringa region of Tanzania. In the wet season the dirt roads are impassable to all but the most rugged 4 x 4’s. In Tanzania the vast majority of vehicles are Toyota, so it is likely that Dave and Tricia will be looking for a Land Cruiser. Every pound you donate will be used towards a suitable second hand vehicle.

At the end of Dave and Tricia’s time with Emmanuel International the vehicle will be sold on and any money given towards the vehicle, that remains in credit, will be reinvested in Emmanuel International’s work in Tanzania.

They are hoping to raise £5000 for the vehicle. Please support them! Click on the MyDonate button below to support Dave and the team.

Dave did it!
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