Evacuation Tents are being blown away by after winds of Cyclone Freddy – Families congregate in shelter at back.

Cyclone Freddy Relief


On March 13, 2023, the government of Malawi called a State of Natural Disaster after Cyclone Freddy hit the southern region of Malawi. This is the 3rd cyclone in just thirteen months to pass through Malawi. 

Cyclone Freddy swept through Southern Malawi, damaging hectares of crops, washing away livestock, mudslides washing away infrastructure of roads, bridges and homes. EI Malawi is working in some of the areas affected.  An impact assessment has reported 18.689 households (approximately 83,000 people) have been affected, 707 people sustaining injuries and 225 deaths. Families are being accommodated in schools and local churches which causes a lot of sanitation issues – they are working on health prevention measures to combat this. Although Cyclone Freddy has weakened and has passed through Malawi, rains still continue which is likely to cause more flooding.

Charles Mukiwa Country Director of EI Malawi says “We need to hold hands together” when referring to other NGOs, as no one can do this by themselves. We each need to work together to support the people of Malawi. 

Assistance is needed to support the initial needs of families that have been displaced with food, shelter and sanitation items. You can help by donating today.

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