Coordinator of the Livestock Project


Emmanuel International (EI) has been working in partnership with Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) in the Mwanza region of Tanzania to help and expand their holistic mission and community development capabilities. Projects in conservation agriculture, tree planting, beekeeping, entrepreneurship and community health education are underway. EI and TAG have seen an opportunity to begin a project to assist rural pastoralists in the keeping of livestock. This project has the opportunity to dovetail with the arable conservation agriculture project, since there is often competition between pastorals and arable farmers over land use. Thus, the expectation is that this project will facilitate communities to consider the mutual benefits of keeping livestock and growing crops.

Job Description

The Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing a new project to improve livestock keeping among communities in the Mwanza region. He or she, working in conjunction with the local church, will train groups of villagers in appropriate livestock practices, advising on animal healthcare, dietary requirements, herd grazing practices, reproduction and housing requirements as well as butchering and sales and marketing. He or she will also liaise with the conservation agriculture project manager to work towards the integration of conservation agriculture and livestock keeping.

Duties will include:

  • Developing a livestock-keeping project that will empower local communities to know the value of animals and how to look after them in a way that benefits their local environment and contributes to sustainable local community development
  • Helping local churches to develop a sustainable ministry to serve their communities in livestock matters
  • Advising on all matters relating to the keeping of cows, goats, pigs and chickens
  • Training members of local churches to become livestock trainers
  • Participating in classroom and practical training
  • Conducting surveys and collecting data, monitoring and evaluating
  • Managing, overseeing and reporting on the project
  • Reporting to EI staff in Tanzania and affiliate offices as well as to the church leadership

Character Qualities

  • Being a sincere Christian and actively involved in a local church
  • Being diligent, trustworthy, a good learner and flexible
  • Having a servant’s heart and an interest in Christian community development work
  • Willing to spend considerable time in villages

Qualifications and Experience

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience and/or qualifications in keeping livestock

Note: orientation including an intensive Swahili language course will be provided in Tanzania

Length of Service

A minimum of 3 years

How to apply

Please contact the office if you are interested in this position.

Livestock Project Coordinator, Tanzania