Update Thursday 12 June 2014

Unfortunately Mairi’s injury over the weekend means she won’t be able to run the marathon.

If you have already made a donation to support Mairi, she’ll be in touch with you soon to make arrangements.

Mairi is seeing a physiotherapist to treat the injury. Please pray that she will heal completely.

The project is still continuing and funding is still need, so all donations will be welcome! Click on the CharityCheckout button below to donate securely online.


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Mairi is running the Man vs Horse marathon on 14th of June 2014

Having (just) made it through training, I’m going to be running the Man vs Horse marathon (a hilly 22 mile cross country race in central Wales…) on the 14th of June in aid of a water, sanitation and hygiene project in a rural Tanzanian village.

This project will bring a reliable, gravity fed water supply (river intake, supply pipeline, balancing tanks and water points) to within ready reach of each household and the local primary school in the village. Currently, during much of the 7-8 month dry season, villagers have to use a large proportion of their limited cash to purchase water for domestic use or spend up to two hours a day fetching water from the nearest river.
This includes school children who then often lose out on significant amounts of teaching time.

I think it’s a great project which will make a real difference to the community both now and into the future: reducing the time children spend out of school collecting water, increasing time available for income generating activities and enabling local people to own, manage and maintain their water supply.

Your support for this would be much appreciated!


Mairi's Marathoning!