The CHE Programme focuses on the training of trainers (TOT), equipping people from local villages to help and guide local people to identify issues of health and well-being in the village and working with them to find workable and sustainable solutions. Each TOT consists of 3 training sessions, with a 6 weeks break in-between. The breaks in the training will enable them to firstly return to their villages to form committees and recruit volunteers and secondly to ensure that they absorb the materials properly. They are the volunteers who visit the homes to identify the health needs of the families. The volunteers then help the families and community to identify solutions that are funded locally and carried out by local labour. All the lessons that the volunteers bring to the families are accompanied by spiritual training as well. The January 2013 issue of Down to Earth has an update on the CHE project.

Mike and Marianne Botting talked at their church (Maranatha Church in Belleville, Canada) about CHE. Watch this video for a synopsis of what CHE is all about or read more on their blog SeekingFirst:

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