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Overall fundraising target of £137 500 or $250 000
Funds raised 6.9%

UPDATE 3 July 2021

Hi everyone 👋🏼

Just a quick hello to say thank you so much for all of your support, messages and following along on this crazy, crazy ride. I haven’t had too much time to reflect to give you a profound word about the whole experience or write much down. I’ll admit I’ve been avoiding posting myself as I’m not quite sure what to say just yet. I’m doing ok and am pleased to be on stable ground, uninjured and have the boat with me. I’m still slowly getting back into things, so please forgive me if I haven’t replied to or read your messages or comment yet.

One thing I can say regarding the future is that the third time won’t be the charm. There are other things to do in life. My only regret is the limited time for fundraising at sea. Please keep giving and showing your support in this way. I’d love to see the numbers keep ticking up – go to the website and click on the links to the charities. Thank you to Leanne who is doing a fantastic job sharing the work we’re supporting.

I also need to say a massive thank you again to my parents, sister Steph, Kristen, Caroline, Pam and Natalie for going above and beyond to get me back to land. Thank you to Alberto for your assistance in Mexico, to Amanda, John, Paul and Joyce in California for reuniting me with my things, to Martyn for being willing to tow me up to San Diego and to PJ for welcoming me back home. While a solo trip, it’s really been more a story of everyone else who’s helped along the way over the three or more years now!

I’m back in Monterey and am sorting through the boat and gear now. The problem with being in a place that isn’t home and facing continuing COVID border controls is that I need to sort out where to send or store what and where I can go! Wave Dancer is looking for a temporary and permanent new home if you know of a good storage space on the West Coast or are looking to try out tackling the ocean! It’s a pairs boat so you can take a friend if you want 😀

I’ll write more once things settle down a bit.

Heather x

Who is Heather?

Heather is the youngest daughter of Brian and Els Taylor. Els is the daughter of Emmanuel International (EI) founder, George Middleton, and Brian was the longest serving staff member of EI Canada (he recently retired).

What is the mission?

Heather is aiming to row 2,100 nautical miles (3,890 km) across the Pacific Ocean. Starting from Monterey, California, she will not see land for 60 to 90+ days until she arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Armed with 120 days of rations, a water maker, and three sets of oars, she’ll be on her own until she arrives in Hawaii.

What happened in 2020?

Heather set off in June 2020 and was making good progress, but about 2 weeks in, she found that there was an issue with the solar panel converter which means the batteries weren’t charging. Having no power impacts on navigation, communications including emergency comms, weather information and alerts and more. As she was still so close to land, she decided to return. In spite of several setbacks, including damage to the boat in an unfortunate accident when it was transported, Heather decided to try again this year!

Watch Heather’s progress

You can see Heather’s progress on this tracker map.

What is the reason?

We can all do something about the injustices we see.

There are many reasons why someone would choose to row across an ocean: to seek a challenge, to escape the rat race, because they’re crazy or just because they can!

“The idea to row an ocean for me has been like a little seed that was planted and slowly took root. Despite the disappointment of not one but two successive teammates pulling out from joining me, the idea has dug itself in even deeper. I never thought I’d be doing this, and I certainly didn’t think I’d be doing it on my own. Yet somehow, here is where I am.

While I love being out on the open water, embracing the thrill of new challenges, I know these motivators will only carry me through a few days on the untamed ocean. At the heart of it I know – and I will remember on Day 43 when the waves are 30 ft high and all I want to do is sleep – it’s not about me.

I believe that I have been put on this earth for a reason: to love mercy, act justly, walk humbly with my God, and to love my neighbour as myself. My life might so easily have not been one of privilege – I could be living in Yemen right now, where my mom was born. I have met others who have not shared my privilege and as far as I can tell, we’re not that different from one another. We can all do something about the injustices we see. Rowing an ocean is certainly not the only way to do it, but through it I am hoping I can make a small drop in a very large ocean.”

How can you support Heather?

Please pray!

  • For safety of the boat and that all the equipment will function well, and any minor mishaps be successfully fixed by Heather.
  • Maintaining a healthy body and mind throughout the 3 to 4 month journey.
  • The fundraising goal would be met and many who have never heard of EI and Tearfund Australia would learn of the work they do and become long term supporters.

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Support the projects that Heather is raising funds for (see below).

Who is Heather raising funds for?

Heather has chosen Emmanuel International and Tearfund Australia to support through her Pacific Row.

Girls Health projects via EI United Kingdom

Any funds raised through the UK will be allocated to support the girl’s menstrual health/pads project. This project aims to help keep girls in school by providing them with menstrual hygiene resources (i.e., reusable pad or cup) and teaching about menstruation but also to teach girls they are fearfully and wonderfully made by providing them with a Biblical understanding of creation and how God values women.

The project has been running for some time in Uganda, where it is known as the Acholi Girls Fairer Future (AGFF) project. It has been very successful and has made an impact on the lives of young girls.

In Tanzania, the project was launched in 2019 and is called “Nguvu na Hadhi” (Strength and Dignity) after Proverbs 31:25. 

Support Heather’s fundraiser through EIUK

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Or visit Ways to Give on our website for other ways to donate towards Heather’s fundraiser (please mention Heather in your gift).

Health for Development through EI Canada and EI Mission in USA

Funds donated by EIC and EIM will be allocated towards the Health for Development project in Tanzania. The Health for Development project will give education to the villages on clean and better toilets, clean and safe water, balanced diet, nutrition and breast feeding and clean environment. They will need money which will enable them to have access to requirements for better health, so Village Community Bank (VICOBA) and entrepreneurship is included.

Support Heather’s fundraiser through EI Canada

To give in Canada, please visit the EIC webpage by clicking on the button below.

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Tearfund Australia

Tearfund Australia dreams of the day when all people have the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.

Your donation will support the work of Tearfund and their local partners, working alongside communities facing poverty.

Each and every donation is a gift towards a long term development project that addresses the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Support Heather’s fundraiser through Tearfund Australia

To give in Australia, please visit the Tearfund Australia page by clicking on this button.

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