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Tanzania, Mwanza

The project

Emmanuel International (EI) has been working with the Tanzania Assemblies of God, with churches in the villages around the Mwanza area. EI has established a beekeeping project with the aim of seeing people reached spiritually and physically. The churches have the responsibility to oversee the progress of the project to ensure that it is a blessing in their communities’.

The beekeeping project is now working in four areas in the Mwanza region: Kayenze, Malya, Ngudu and Kome.

Mwanza region is a good place for a beekeeping project. People mostly know about keeping bees in ways which are destructive and low in standard, not caring for God’s creation. We saw this area to be the place to change people and provide them with knowledge about beekeeping so they can improve their livelihood. Still, there are some opportunities to bring beekeeping knowledge to other communities.

The principles

The Bible is the foundation of the project, together with teaching on proper beekeeping methods to the communities in Mwanza. We are teaching on the care of creation; this is going together with the introduction of tree nurseries in the different villages with the aim to encourage the participants to look after God’s gift of creation. Bible studies are an important part of this project and we encourage the groups to be meeting regularly to study the Word of God.


  • We have started a new beekeeping project with the church in Kome, in Sengerema district. The group has learned the basics of beekeeping and they are now able to inspect the hives.
  • Honey processing centre. We now have a good place honey processing centre where all the beekeepers are bringing their local honey for processing and sale.
  • Beekeepers are now making their own hives basing on the knowledge we gave them.
  • Some beekeepers are helpful to their societies when they have problems with bees, for example bees in offices, homes, etc. They are able to remove them so people can be safe.
  • We have a good relationship with an organization called Bees Abroad. They invited us for training and for us to learn from them.
  • Honey harvesting. We have succeeded to have enough honey for our shop (The Hive). One village did very good with harvesting by getting 93 kg of honey!

Our Team

Bhatendi Mwandandila


Bees Abroad have been invaluable in the support they have given to this project in Mwanza!


“At first we used to do beekeeping in way which is bad but thanks to you (Emmanuel International) we are now known to our district government from the beekeeping project.”

“By the fruits that we are going to get we will never forget your kindness and help to us.” Mr Gerald

“It’s my first time to hear about beekeeping here. May God bless you for helping people to have something for their daily life.” Pastor George Samuel

“This is revival.” Tabitha (Upendo wa Mama group)

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