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Project focus

IMARIKA Project, Iringa Region, Tanzania

The IMARIKA project is a very successful project and has been running for a long time. It is a multifaceted rural development project that includes Village Community Banking (VICOBA), Conservation agriculture, Tree planting, Beekeeping and Fuel-efficient stoves.

Read the testimonies below!

The IMARIKA group at Kising’a is doing well, being a good example to the community in how they work together to stimulate and motivate each other. They are happy to do VICOBA (VIllage COmmunity Banking) as they now have the means to help themselves in times of trouble, the opportunity to borrow money for other activities and also help people in the village. The group is proud of their diversity and say their activities bring together those of different ages, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc.!

Eminatha (above with Ibrahimu Abdul from EITZ) is from the Mafuluto IMARIKA group and said “the communities are changing mentally when they saw our unity is strong because our group provided financial support to various institutions in the village such as school and all churches. So the community get a lesson of cooperation and unity from our group and especially when we manage to raise a lot of money per year.

I often get financial challenges but I tend to solve them through VICOBA because I can get a loan at a low interest rate and repay on time.”

The IMARIKA project improves the living standards of the people. We have seen life changes to the community in positive ways: mentally, health, physically, economically, love and faith. Through IMARIKA love has increased in communities as people have been working together and solving community problems. Through VICOBA they raise community funds. If someone is sick, the group contributes money to help that sick person for treatment or hospital costs.

Adelina is the sister of the Chairman of the IMARIKA group in Utelenge village. Some time ago, she borrowed money from people to pay school fees for her children. When she couldn’t pay them back with the high interest rate in time, they came and took all the food from her home (7 bags of maize). They left her and the children hungry.
The IMARIKA group have since started up their community bank, in 2017. They are also doing avocado planting, Conservation Agriculture, keeping chickens and beekeeping. Adelina shared what a difference this project has made in her life. She can afford to send her children to school and can feed them. Jesca (EI TZ IMARIKA Project Coordinator) said when she first met her, Adelina was malnourished and on death’s door, but now she is strong and healthy.

We are raising funds for the IMARIKA project.

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