Here are some projects that you can fundraise for (per country):



Computer Course – Helping children breaking out of the cycle of poverty by teaching them basic computer skills and giving them access to the jobs in town.

Sewing Class – Teenagers and their mothers are learning how to sew and to live a better life, selling what they have produced.


Community Water and Sanitation

Schools Water Sanitation and Health (WaSH)


Agriculture – Assisting communities in achieving increased food security through the teaching and multiplication of improved agricultural techniques. The skills include, amongst other, creating a vegetable nursery garden, a kitchen garden, vegetable seed preservation, and growing citrus plants from seed. It also includes making a tippy tap, using a jerry can, to ensure that farmers can wash their hands.

Community Health Empowerment (CHE)

Football ministry – A healthy outlet for the young people in the community and an opportunity to reach out to youth and men with mentorship and ongoing Biblestudy.

HIV/AIDS Peace project – In an area that has suffered for 20 years from insurgency, HIV/AID infection has skyrocketed because of various reasons. This project aims to empower communities with knowledge and skills, backed by the grace-filled and health-promoting teachings of the Bible, in order to reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS in Pader.

Jesus Film Project – We want to reach more people with the basic Gospel message through the Jesus Film, and to support both new and long-time Christians with sound Biblical follow-up and opportunity to meet regularly and be strengthened in their faith through praying and studying God’s word together.

Pads Ministry – In the Acholi Region, the number of girls not attending or dropping out of school because of menstuation issues, is exceptionally high. This projects wants to equip girls near puberty with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their periods well and that this would contribute to them continuing and succeeding in their education.