Is God calling you to become a missionary? To go out to the fields that are ripe for harvesting? What would that look like for you? Perhaps there is no position that meets your skills or interest in our list of vacancies… Do not let that put you off finding out what might be in store.

Talk to us to find out if Emmanuel International is the place for you. We have many opportunities that can be explored.

Retired but still have plenty to offer?

Some of our recent missionaries were retirees who took up the call and not only contributed to church communities in our project countries, but also learned and grew through their experience. Read some testimonies.

Graduate wanting to use your skills?

We can use you! There are many opportunities that will use your skills to help and others, but also to teach you applications in practice. Apply what you know and your Christian faith, and learn and grow as well. 

Looking for a gap year?

Are you a student who has just finished school and not sure where your future lies? Why not talk to us about how you can get experience in the field that may help you make a decision?

Do you think you have nothing to offer?

It won’t be the first time in Emmanuel International that someone thought they had nothing to offer, but God used them fruitfully!