Emmanuel International in Uganda has a relationship with two theological colleges associated with the Church of Uganda (Anglican). The first college, Janani Luwum Theological College in Gulu Town, is a long-established college with certificate and diploma courses for students at the Reverend and Lay Pastor (Catechist) level. The second college, Bishop Lee Rayfield Leadership Training Centre in a small rural centre near Pader Town, is a newer college still working on accreditation and proper infrastructure, and offers certificate courses at the Lay Pastor (Catechist) level only. Both colleges have expressed a need for tutors to teach subjects, and Bishop Lee Rayfield has also expressed a desire for help with administration. Subjects taught at the colleges include: Systematic Theology, Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Preaching, Worship, Christian Education, Development Studies, English Language/Study Skills, African Traditional Religion, and Islam.

Emmanuel International has also been approached by local church leaders who have expressed a desire for in-service training for their pastors and lay leaders.

Duration of commitment and role: Opportunities for people to come in this area of work can be long-term or short-term, and the exact role would be dependent on the background and qualifications of the applicant. This role could also be combined with any of the other work areas currently available.


  • Teaching and administrative roles can be discussed and negotiated with the two colleges according to the interests and qualifications of the applicant and the current needs of the college
  • In-service training with church leaders, which may include conferences or other short trainings at local churches
  • Other responsibilities, according to the desire and interest of the applicant, could include teaching on a weekly radio show, preaching at local churches and schools, teaching at youth conferences, and theological training for Emmanuel International staff

How to apply

Please contact the office if you are interested in this position.

Theological Training, Uganda