Emmanuel International (EI) has been working in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Ruaha (DR) in Iringa, Southern Tanzania for many years, assisting the Diocese with physical and spiritual development projects. A crucial need of many of the rural communities in this area is clean water. EI/DR have constructed gravity water supply systems in several communities in the Iringa Region, as well as rainwater harvesting (RWH) at rural schools and health care centres. Other aspects of past water projects has been the construction of latrines at schools, sanitation and hygiene training at schools, and the construction of concrete toilet slabs to improve existing household toilets. EI’s philosophy of using simple repeatable technology means that materials available locally are used in these projects and local people are trained to do the work themselves.


The Water and Sanitation Engineer will oversee water and sanitation projects, having responsibility for project planning, sourcing and supply of materials, budgeting and reporting, coordinating hygiene and sanitation training. He or she will work alongside the Water and Sanitation Project Officer to supervise technicians in the field, and will in turn report to the EI team leader. He or she will liaise with staff of the Diocese in the field as well as at the head office in Iringa, and develop relationships with members of the church and the wider community in the field. He or she will also develop networks with other stakeholders in water and sanitation in Tanzania and beyond, as well as evaluating existing systems and researching alternative technologies. Prior to starting work the candidate will undertake a 1-2 month language course in the town of Iringa to learn Swahili.


Preferably two or more years


The candidate should have a degree or higher diploma (note that this is a requirement to obtain a residence permit for Tanzania). A background in engineering, construction, or project management would be an asset. The candidate should have excellent people skills and be a good communicator. A committed Christian faith is essential. A driving license is required. Please note adaptability is essential in cross-cultural development work. EI considers the following personal qualities to be just as important as formal qualifications and experience: flexibility, humility, servant heartedness, and willingness to learn. EI staff live and work alongside local people and value this serving relationship.

How to apply

Please contact the office if you are interested in this position.

Water and Sanitation Engineer, Tanzania