We had our very first exhibition at the Big Church Day Out at Wiston House, Steyning!

We had a fuel efficient stove and a tippy tap on display at our stall. It was a great way to tell people about the practical work we do – helping churches to help the poor in a practical way, using methods that are easy to replicate and use materials that are easily available.

The tippy tap and fuel efficient stove only demonstrated two of the many projects that work with. There are many more!

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Tippy tap

A tippy tap is a very easy to create system to improve handwashing facilities and hygiene. Often the toilet in a remote village is a hole in the ground, with no water nearby.

A tippy tap can be created with some branches, a container with a hole in it and some string. As you step on the piece of wood at the bottom of the tippy tap, the container tips forward and allows you to wash your hands without touching the container!

The advantage is that hygiene is improved and diseases that could be spread by cooking or eating with unclean hands, can be prevented.

Read more about our water and sanitation projects in schools and communities.

Fuel Efficient Stove

The traditional way of cooking, is using a 3 stone fire, which uses a lot of wood and lets out a lot of smoke.

Fuel efficient stoves can be created with locally sourced clay. Using equipment that is easy to make, we teach villages how to make, fire, use and sell these stoves. It reduced the firewood needed as well as smoke, cooks quicker and is transportable. It also creates an income for those who are part of the village stoves group.

Read more about our fuel efficient stoves project.


We also had our new brochures and bookmarks, short term mission team flyers, volunteer opportunities flyers and various other publications on display. You can view or download them below (click on the photo) or contact us to send you copies.

EIUK brochure

Short term mission team flyer 

Volunteer opportunities flyer

What happened at the Big Church Day Out?
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