The BCDO 2019 was a great success! We had a lot of interest in our stall and our work, and talked to many people over the two days.

With around 130 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees, it was not only the biggest Christian music event in Europe, but I reckon the biggest mission exhibition too.
Mike Frith, Oscar

Our display included the Fuel Efficient Stove and the Tippy Tap again, both of which gave us an opportunity to tell people more about the bigger projects they are part of.

Tippy Tap

Most people did not know what a tippy tap was, or what it was used for. They were amazed at how this simple construction, using easy to come by materials, could improve health and hygiene at schools, churches, village halls, or homes.

The tippy tap is only one small part of the larger water projects that Emmanuel International are involved in (you can read more about Community Water projectsWaSH projects at schools and Island Health project.)

A water consumption game helped to make people aware of how much water we use here in the UK compared to remote villages. A container with 10 litres of water also brought home how heavy water is to carry from the watering point to home or where the water is being used.



Fuel Efficient Stove

We had a fuel efficient stove on display. Some people were familiar with the traditional 3 stone fires that are being widely used, but few have seen a fuel efficient stove. We explained how the stoves groups are made up of villagers, regardless of faith, age or gender. The groups are taught how to make the stoves, using locally sourced clay and with tools that are easy to obtain or replace, as well as how to market and sell the stoves. You can read more about the fuel efficient stoves project.

The stoves project is now part of a larger project, the IMARIKA project, which also include conservation agriculture, afforestation, poultry and beekeeping.


We hosted a competition around the fuel efficient stove project, with the prize of a £10 Amazon voucher.

The competition question: How much (%) less firewood does it take to boil a pot of water on an FE stove vs a traditional 3 stone fire?

The correct answer is 68.75%.

Ellie Cousins was the winner as her answer was spot on!

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Big Church Day Out 2019
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