On 15 October 2013 an earthquake hit Bohol in the Philippines. It measured 7.2 on the Richter scale.

Edna Santos, Project Coordinator with EI in the Philippines (ERRP), wrote to tell us more about the devastation it left behind:

To Our Fellow Brethren, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By now, you must have read or heard of the devastation wrought by the Intensity 7.2 earthquake in the province of Bohol and also affecting Cebu and nearby provinces. It was described to be more powerful that 32 atomic bombs that was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. Damages to properties and infrastructures (buildings, roads and bridges) are widespread. Several century-old heritage churches in Bohol practically crumbled to the ground. Many towns that have been severely destroyed are now inaccessible. Almost 30,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. A couple of hundred people died and hundreds of others were injured, with many still missing. The numbers are still rising based on reports coming from difficult to access inner towns.

We understand that the Philippine government has been assisting the heavily devastated provinces of Bohol and Cebu. However, ERRP would also want to do our share to help lighten the burden of our brethren in Bohol. ERRP DISASTER RESPONSE TEAM, as led by Pastor Noel Taban, together with Philippine Relief and Development Services (PHILRADS) and church partners, were the first to reach quite remote affected areas in Bohol with relief packages. ERRP was able to address the immediate needs of the earthquake victims with items such as food, water, makeshift dwellings, and medicines. Even today, October 25th, the team just arrived from Sagbayan, the epicentre, where they served 5 affected barangays (districts), which are at least 4 hours away from Tagbiliran City, the capital of Bohol. At the same time, Pastor Shem Catanus together with Grace Baptist Church, distributed relief packages to some 200 families in Barangay San Roque, Talisay City, Cebu.

We are asking for your assistance to help us further alleviate the continuing plight of the victims, especially those in the remote areas. We are also aware, from experience, that once the attention of the media wanes, the continuing work of helping the victims get back on their feet is justĀ  beginning. By then, there are none but a few of us who stay to continue what was started and even establish new churches where needed. Your help today will impact the devastated families into the future.

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Once the immediate needs are dealt with, any additional funds will be used for the rehabilitation of the affected areas by Emmanuel International in the Philippines.

Earthquake in Bohol, Philippines