We are publishing updates on the Health for Development Project in the Iringa region of Tanzania.

I have no husband and three kids to look after. Joining VICOBA has helped me look after my children and save money to buy shares. I have also learnt about nutrition for children, tree planting and poultry through the health for development teaching.


I’m married and I have one child. I decided to join VICOBA in 2022 because it would help me save money and learn about health. The most helpful thing has been learning about raising poultry. I now keep chickens at home, and I have 80 chickens.

Nully Ndemo

​I’m married and I have 5 children. The VICOBA group has helped because when we have a problem we can ask for loans. In the first round of VICOBA we used the money to buy cows. I have also learnt about nutrition, toilets, breastfeeding, and about how to plant fruit trees through the health for development training.


I am the vice-chairperson of the VICOBA group, and I’m married with 6 children and 5 grandchildren. The advantage of being part of the VICOBA group in Viwengi is that we are able to save money to buy shares. We have learned how to cooperate and be united as a group. The loans from VICOBA help with needs at home and our family have used the money to buy pigs. The VICOBA group also decided to give 4 bags of cement to the community to help build a latrine for the primary school.

Martina Myin’nga

I am married and have 3 children. I heard about the VICOBA group but to start with I was worried about joining because I did not have enough money to buy shares. But I learnt about entrepreneurship as part of the health for development training and I now sell fruit and potatoes to help me earn money and buy shares.
The biggest need in Viwengi is that there are many kids from poor families who need help. Lots of women are also living without a husband and they don’t know how to support their children. The entrepreneurship training that we receive from EI helps us learn how to earn more money and support our children.

Lilian Mohamed

I have been a member of the VICOBA group in Mbuyuni for 2 years and I’m married with 4 children. Before I joined VICOBA, I was thinking about leaving Mbuyuni and going back to Dabaya, which is where I’m from, because life is so hard here in Mbuyuni. After joining VICOBA I managed to get a loan, which I used to rent two plots of land. I grew sweet potatoes on one plot and rice on the other. For the 2nd year, I got a loan from VICOBA and used the money to rent another plot of land. Once I have paid off the current loan, I will get another loan from VICOBA to build a new house. Through joining the VICOBA group I have met lots of helpful people. The entrepreneurship training has given me energy and motivation. We have also used money from the social fund to buy desks for students and to help disabled people in the village.

Health for Development updates
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