A short video from the effects of Cyclone Ana in Malawi

Cyclone Ana swept through Southern Malawi damaging hectares of crops, washing away livestock and damaging infrastructures such as roads, bridges and homes. EI Malawi is working in some of the areas affected. An impact assessment has reported 48,216 households (approximately 216,975 people) have been affected, 107 people sustaining injuries and 10 deaths. The total number is expected to rise as they complete the assessment. In some areas, families had not recovered from Cyclone Idai which washed through March of 2019.

Although Cyclone Ana has weakened and has passed through Malawi, rains are still expected to continue which is likely to cause more flooding.

We have had reports that our EI Malawi staff are all safe. Praise the Lord. EI Malawi has suspended all normal activities in Nsange and Chiwawa districts and redeployed their vehicles and staff for use in search and rescue mission.

Assistance is needed to support the initial needs of families that have been displaced with items such as:
• Food items
• Additional of tents
• Blankets
• Nets
• Buckets
• Plates
• Cups
• Soap
• Torches

More video footage of the water levels after Cyclone Ana

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Malawi Cyclone Ana Relief
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