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Tanzania, Mwanza region

The project

The entrepreneurship project in Mwanza, Tanzania is a collaboration between Emmanuel International Tanzania and Tanzania Assemblies of God church. It aims to help the poor overcome poverty by teaching biblical business skills and loaning groups money to start a business. Teaching includes biblical truths, laying a foundation of biblical integrity in life and business. It also lays the foundation for a loving relationship with the Creator.

We started at the end of 2017 in the Ukerewe island in 4 villages Mtoni, Nansole, Halwego and Hamkoko. Later we extended the project to Magu disctrict in other 4 villages Kayenze, Lugeye, Bundilya, and Magu (the last 3 being the newest, established in 2020).

Lugeye is doing agribusiness (tomatoes and peppers)

Magu is also doing agribusiness (cabbages)

Bundiliya is buying and selling Maize flour, a main staple food in Tanzania


  • We trained entrepreneurship principles and practical business skills in 3 new groups.
  • Teaching using Bible lessons and other related materials on small business.
  • We made loans to the 3 new groups and they set up their own small businesses.
  • We managed to make regular visits on the groups’ projects to see their progress and encourage them.
  • 1 group has started paying back their loan owed. The other 2 will make it later on their due date.

Our team

Elisha Maganga

I am a born again Christian, a Tanzanian and resident of Mwanza region. I am currently working in a holistic mission as an Agriculture/Entrepreneurship Trainer, at the Church Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) through partnership with Emmanuel International, in Mwanza region.


‘’I thank God for this project. I have got profit and bought 4 chickens, 2 are now laying eggs. I also am able to support my family like buying school materials for children, I paid tithe and was able to buy more bricks for building our matrimonial house’’.

Neema Thomas, a village woman from Bundilya village in Magu district in the Mwanza region, who benefited from the entrepreneurship project after she had used her dividend from the group small business to her personal small business and got more profit.

The Bundilya entrepreneurship group

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