Tandem SkydiveFundraising barometer

On Sunday 11 August 2013, Sue did a Tandem Skydive.

Fundraising Target: £2000.00

Sue Fallon
Sue is the General Manager at Emmanuel International UK

Why skydiving?

A sky dive came to mind really because of my brother. Some of you will know that he died very suddenly almost two years ago but one of the things I remember about him was his time served as a paratrooper when I was a kid. So, I threw myself out of a plane (well, actually it was closer to being encouraged out by the guy I was strapped to) to raise money for our projects in Northern Uganda.

Why Northern Uganda?

I was in Northern Uganda last year and met some of the people involved in the projects – both recipients and workers. For reasonably small amounts of money, they are making a big difference. Some of those projects are: agriculture (assisting communities to achieve food security), football ministry (opportunity to reach young men through healthy activity) and the Jesus film project (sharing the Gospel).

Read more about these projects in Issue 2 of BushNet.

Please donate! Every little bit really will make a difference!


Donations for this project are now closed, but if you want to make a contribution to the work of Emmanuel International, please contact us.

Sue Fallon is skydiving for Northern Uganda