Arturo Meneses

Arturo Villaneuva  is leading the Strategic Planning process.

In this issue:

  • Paul and Helen Jones, International Director, wrote to tell us of the Strategic Planning process we are undertaking as an organisation, and to introduce Arturo Villaneuva who is leading the process.
  • Sue Fallon is reporting on the trip to Tanzania at her church on  16 February. If you are in the area, pop in. Just let us know you are coming.
  • The EIUK Annual Membership is due. Please find out more about what your membership means and renew/apply!
  • We had a super response to the 2022 Christmas catalogue. Read a summary of what your generous gifts mean.

More details about the EIUK Annual Conference and AGM were also included in the posting this month! We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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EI Strategic Planning (January 2023 Down to Earth)