Claire Hemingway is running the Manchester marathon on the 5th of April to raise funds for the Acholi Girls Fairer Future project. Read our original post about this. She is aiming to raise £750.00 for this project, an amount that would provide approximately 300 girls or two schools with sanitary ware.

Claire has already raised more than the targeted amount! Please continue to support her! The funds will still be allocated to the Acholi Girls Fairer Future project, helping even more girls to stay in school longer!

Please note that Charity Checkout charges an administration fee on your donation.

If funds received exceed the requirements for a specific person or project the trustees shall re-designate any surplus at the end of the term or project.


Update 17 March 2020 : Change of plans

The Manchester Marathon has been postponed because of the coronavirus.

Claire is uncertain that she will be able to run the marathon later in the year, likely to be October. She feels that she still owes those generous people who have sponsored her to run the marathon, so she has come up with a plan to run her own marathon!

My plan is to run a marathon around Cambridge instead on Sunday 19th April 2020. I have plotted the route and my plan is to get pals to join me as I head round for different legs. I will be running (hopefully) around 8½-9 min per mile, so it’d be great if people could pace me round at that speed!”

Have a look at the route.

If you can help by running with Claire or bringing her snacks and fluids, please contact us.


Update 10 March 2020

We asked Claire how she it getting along with her preparations for the big day…

“Here we are, less than a month to go until the big day! Training has been progressing – slow and steady, due to a mixture of an intense clinical placement in Peterborough and playing netball for the university at the same time (poor legs). However, the busy period has settled down somewhat and I’m digging back in on the regular 3 runs a week, getting the miles in my legs! A HUGE shoutout to my housemate Steph who has been the biggest encourager on our long Sunday runs, making training much more bearable.

The major highlight of this week was running the Cambridge Half on Sunday 8th March (also International Women’s Day!! How apt!). It was a hugely enjoyable day, and a big boost for the 26.2 miles – if the atmosphere and legs can carry me round a half marathon, hopefully a marathon will be possible! Running on International Women’s Day reminded me again of the young women I am running the marathon in aid of – girls who have potential to achieve so much, and are often held back by their biology (menstruating for a week each month, and missing school for that period). Hopefully raising these funds for the project will enable many more incredible, talented young women to have full education!” 

Claire and Steph
Claire Hemingway’s preparations and change of plan