Sue and Ineke did the South Coast Challenge on Saturday 26 August and Sunday 27 August 2017. They walked 100 kilometers in just over 24 hours.


They have raised a wonderful amount of money for two of Emmanuel International’s projects!

It is difficult for girls to receive education in the Pader region, Northern Uganda. There is a very high drop out rate. One of the many factors is an inability to manage their periods while attending school. This means missing 4 or 5 days a month from school.

The Pads Ministry Team visits Primary Schools to teach about menstrual periods; encouraging and instructing the girls. They tell the girls how valuable they are to God and in their community, and provide each girl with four washable pads, made by a local tailor and four pairs of knickers.

The purpose is to help the girls to stay in school and receive the education they so badly need for a better future and also to point the girls towards God.

Read more about the Pads Ministry project.

The islands on Lake Victoria in Tanzania are experiencing health issues due to unsafe water and poor sanitation, and there is a low survival rate in labour for both mother and child. The Rural Island Community Health (RICH) project aims to provide medical care and health education for the people on the islands. With an emphasis on maternal and child health, the project wants to engage in preventative and primary healthcare on the islands through mobile clinics.

Simon and Victoria Ewing, EI missionaries, will be living on the second largest of the islands, Kome Island, for periods and will be working closely with a local doctor who has started a clinic on Kome Island to serve this and other islands on the lake.

Read more about the Rural Island Community Health (RICH) project.

Sue and Ineke did it!
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